Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ryu Sketch

Ryu has been one of the most iconic character in video game industry. He is one of the favorites in Street Fighter series and has appeared in every Street Fighter game released since 1987. I am a big fan of video games(not addicted), and have always loved playing Street Fighter. Recently in a Video Gaming conventions, there have been promotional trailers of possible future releases of Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Street Fighter X Tekken, and Ryu of course would be part of these new games as well.
I drew this last night with a whole bunch of markers including highlighters, and I believe Ryu deserves a solid place in the podium together with the all-time video game icons such as Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Link etc. =)
 Just another sketch of a girl lying on the hallway I did on my new ring-bounded Strathmore 5.5" x 8.5" 60lb sketch pad. I was trying out strokes on the paper to experiment with the texture, and to do some rough sketches for my ermm... "projects" ;)

Thank you all for your comments. I haven not been in touch with Aunt Charlene yet, so I am not sure if she has framed the portrait of the late Jonathan, of has she already given to Jonathan's mom. I'll keep you guys updated.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A short journey

I received this task from Aunt Charlene, as she explained in a solemn tone. Jonathan was one of her friend's son. He got into a car accident and taken away at a tender age of 21. It was of course very hard on the mother, and I strongly believe that no parents should bury their own child. From what I heard, he's a good kid, therefore I am sure he's in a better place and in good hands now, watching over his family. With Aunt Charlene's kind heart and initiative, and my pencil work, we are hoping that this will help to bring his smile to brighten the lives of his loved ones.

Pencil on 8" x 10" Strathmore Bristol vellum  100lb (260g/m²)
Initial Sketch

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Estela & Reese

Yet another portrait to be given away to one of the grandmothers of these two beautiful girls. I have not drawn kids for a while now, and I really like drawing kids so I was really happy when I received the project. Things have been going really slow with the publisher, but it's okay because it gives me more time to work on personal favors like this one. Next up is another portrait. Thank you all for stopping by and your kind comments and encouragements =) I am adding the steps again on this one for those who are interested in doing portraits.
(Update! They loved it! And she's making prints to those who are related^^, I am so pleased!)

Pencil on Strathmore Bristol vellum 9" x 12" 100lb(260g/m²)Detailing the hair for the face on the leftShading the face on the rightShading the face on the left and minor hair detailing Initial sketch

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Young Jesus (Published)

A few weeks ago I kept mentioning about "projects" and finally one of them that was done is published. It's a fictional tale of Young Jesus for Catechism. It was initially planned to be a 7 black and white illustrations, quick and clean. And that the publisher wanted to have someone who knows nothing about Catechism to do the illustration. So I took the job, and I made 9 draft illustrations and brought them in the following day, the publisher liked it and asked for another page with full colors. I redrew the entire illustrations in ink, and colored the one for the cover page and brought them all back 3 days later and waiting for instructions for any editing or modification(eventhough in my version, Jesus is clearly drawn in Manga style). Later I found that all 10 illustrations required no further work and ready to print. I was so excited and wanted to share this way earlier, but I am only doing this today because I just got paid for the job today. ^^ This is the first time I ever get paid for doing art, and I LOVE IT!
This is the printed cover-page.

This is a photo taken of my work before it's being submitted. You could see a wee bit of the black and white illustrations there.
This is one of the black and white illustrations inside the book. =)