Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Eyed Peas

Yes the band =) They really churned out a lot of funky and catchy tunes throughout the years, and one of the latest I often heard over the radio is called "Just can't get enough" so I went on Youtube to look at the video, loved it! You can watch it here.
So here's a sketch I did just a few days before(because I knew I was going to be really busy at work for 7 days non-stop, and I was right), and it's based on the music video of course.
(Moleskine sketchbook 5x8")
Thank you all so much for dropping by and leaving comments. You guys are always so kind and encouraging and a lot of times when I am really tired or stressed(not often) from work, I always keep in my mind that at least I have this, life is good(yeah I guess LG is right ^^)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Digging

One of my co-workers shared a little conversation he had with his daughter(guess how old she is ^^) and I just love how the little minds work sometimes. I would smile and giggle everytime I thought about it, so I had to get it out. Here's how the story goes basically
(True story inspired by Avery Martin)

We had a good laugh, I hope you guys do too. And trust me when I say that those "No Digging" signs will never look the same again.
Thank you all again for your comments and encouragements. I really appreciate them! =)