Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KaRyn's Teeth

Another quick sketch of KaRyn, and this time is just her sticking her finger into her mouth probably because she's teething. This picture makes me spontaneously giggle everytime I have it in my mind, and thanks to my sister having it posted on her Facebook. Had to draw it and share with the group of course. =)
(Moleskine Sketchbook 3.5x5.5")

I can't thank all of you enough for your wishes and comments. My shoulder is getting better...slightly, but I can't expect internal injuries like that to heal any quicker. My wrist only hurts when pressure is applied, at least it's not getting any worse. The cat I think has completely recovered from her surgery, and the coat over her belly has started to grow as well. We were supposed to go back to Louisiana for thanksgiving, but unfortunately my wife and I both weren't feeling well and we spent most of our days off sleeping and getting rested. But I must say though, I have been heavily distracted lately by the new Modern Warfare 3 game which I bought 2 weeks ago. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

KaRyn's iPad

Just a quick sketch(trying not to strain my right wrist and shoulder as much) of my baby niece KaRyn. She has a fake iPad, and this is how she "utilizes" it ^^
(Moleskine Sketchbook 3.5x5.5")
Not an accurate sketch of her actually, just wanted to capture her action using a single pencil, single eraser that's all.
Thank you all for your wishes, and concerns. Had a good birthday with my in-laws, and had seafood gumbo(yummy) for dinner instead of cake, and I picked pecans for the first time in my life(we've got 87lbs in less than 90minutes). I miss home, and everyone at home, and I really appreciate the thoughts and the birthday card and birthday song video they've made for me.