Thursday, September 15, 2016

iPad Pro Art 1st Attempt

Just recently I puffed up my chest after getting some encouragements from my better half and a really good friend at work, and got an iPad Pro 9.7.

I've always liked digital art, but never really got into it because of my firm belief that art shouldn't be expensive, and art can be created with the most primitive tool available. Pencil and paper are easy choice for me, since you can find pencils and paper almost everywhere.

But the on the trip back from Seattle, 2 rows in front of me, there was a teenage girl playing with her iPad. It's a usual sight while you're flying but she wasn't just playing angry bird or candy crush, or watch a movie like most people do, she was creating! In a mere 4 hour flight, she drew a human figure, and a face. From that distance I could see quite a bit of detail as well. And I thought, "That's really neat~!" I could achieve that much with mere pencil and paper, and on a plane too when the trays are usually pretty unstable, with poor lighting. With an iPad, I never have to worry about those.

So I got one as an early birthday+Christment present for myself. My wife got me the Apple Pencil which is by all means, not a a typical pencil, and it's not at all cheap.

My first attempt was a company logo requested by my buddy at work for his custom rifle shop. I sketched it with ProCreate, and vectorized it using Graphic.
And my 2nd attempt was just off a video game which I play a lot. It's a Titan class character, Exo species, anticipating the new Rise of Iron expansion armor gear set.

I must say, it's really fun drawing with iPad Pro. I do find that 9.7 could be a little small, and the 12.9" would be a lot more suitable for drawing full time. But I really like the portability of the 9.7 and it's not heavy at all. I drew both of the images above on my lap, sitting in my couch, while watching TV and listening to musics.

I will continue to experiment with this amazing little device, and hopefully I'll be able to create more from here onward.

Thanks again for visiting, and Happy Drawing!


  1. Great work so far! I'd love to have a go but would need to save some pennies/euros for quite a while I think.

    1. I think all artists should have a fairy godmother to shower them with supplies, gadgets, and goodness.

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