Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wolf - Wk 42

I've been obsessed with Wolves lately... ^^ Sorry for not posting for so long. I'll try to keep up with what I owe in this project.


  1. Hi
    This is a lovely wolf drawing. My son Arthur has a necklace with wolf teeth, they say it is good luck.

  2. I Think your design is awesome,I really liked the Fierce look on the wolf.Great Job!

  3. thanks so much for your comment; hope you liked the rest of my comic ^^ if you get a chance I'd love to see what you say in my poll!

    and this wolf drawing is amazing o.o
    really nice work!

  4. That's one ferocious looking wolf -- nice job!

  5. Excellent wolf! I am a huge wolf fan, loving their social structures and their loving ways. The fierceness is part of all that too. I am always on the wolves' side. They are amazing.

  6. I was raised by wolves!! -- No, really, it's my given surname -- anyway, this is a great wolf drawing and I share your fascination with the species.

    Thank you for your visit to, and comment on, my blog. Much appreciated!

  7. I can imagine this wolf howling beneath a full moon. Those eyes,
    those teeth, that snarl. Excellent work, Alex.

    And to think there was a governor of Alaska who hunted wolves from a helicopter.

    Along Lifes's journey I have met several lycanthropists, all of them but one thank god, confined to the pages of a book or a movie script.

    Glad to see you back in the saddle again, Alex. Cheers, Doug

  8. Wow! You are such a talented artist! That wolf is great and your version of the joker below. You need to do more, more, more. :)