Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sports Themed Ice

2 weeks ago I was involved in designing 4 ice sculptures for a dinner function held in Baton Rouge River Center with around 500 attendees. The client requested ice sculptures to be sports themed while displaying the company logos for the 4 major sponsors. Apparently it's related to someone who won the Heisman trophy last year(I have no idea how vital that is, but it's something to do with football).
I didn't get the chance to set it up myself, but Iceman told me the reaction he got from the chef who ordered it was really good(you could tell from his face captured on the Louisiana Select Seafood sculpture), and they used the sculptures for the next morning as well. Next is the motorcycles sculptures which was held last Saturday, I hope we've got some good shots so that I can share them here with you guys. Thank you so much for your comments on my wrist drawing. I am getting better now I am glad =)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bad Wrist

Thought I would take up last week's EDM Challenge, #269 Something Annoying.
I've never had a wrist problem, but for the passed 2 weeks it's been bad. I tried Bengay, and those Heating pads, they don't do much good. I tried the wrist guard for 2 days straight, seems like the pain only gets sharper. I drew this while I had my wrist guard on. Tanna asked "are you going to color it?" I said sure why not ^^ I struggled through the whole thing in sharp pain every once in a while. It's not my usual style, but it's something I don't mind having in my journal.
Thank you all for your comments on my sketch on Oni. He's getting bigger now and very vicious. He'd hide and charge at you when you are passing by, leaping with his claws aimed at you, like a tiger...but he's just a kitten so no harm was caused ^^

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oni(鬼) the Katze

Oni (鬼) means Demon in Japanese, the same character applies for Ghost in Chinese. That's the name we picked for the little kitten we adopted on April 2nd. He's got a black coat, with white paws and white strands of hair over his coat with white whiskers and brows. Looks kinda like a hedgehog. I wanted to call him Sonic(like Sonic the Hedgehog) at first, but we picked the name in between instead. A demon he is, but a smart, hyper and funny kitten as well. You can watch the video of him being hyper here ^^
I haven't posted any WIP for a while now so hopefully people still like it.
(Click to enlarge) Pencil on 5"x8" Moleskine Sketchbook page
Initial sketch and some shading done in sections
Working from left to right. Almost done.

Thank you all for all the comments and feedback on my previous post. I am glad Mr. Iceman made the right choice with the Pink logo. ^^

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

IceSlicers Logo

As I mentioned a while ago in Rainbowbox, I have designed the new company logo for Mr. Iceman. I couldn't post it earlier because they were in the process of getting it registered, and that's finally done last week! So the logo is official, with the certificate from the state government and all ^^
Just to do a recap, they have settled for the pink version. It started off with the Yellow and Blue(and notice the spelling error too?) And then we tried with the words floating around, and finally we have decided that the targeted audience of the business is mainly ladies, and pink is the color that says the most about that.
I had lots of fun doing the drafts and then playing with Photoshop while doing it. Thanks to Lawrence for giving me the chance to do this. Next project is the motorcycle ice sculptures, I did the draft sketch today, we'll see how that turns out later.
Thank you all for your continuous support to my work. I really appreciate all the response and comments.