Monday, February 18, 2013

Tiffany SNSD

I have not been drawing any celebrities for a while now. Since it's holiday today, I thought I should have enough time to do another one on my long neglected Moleskine sketchbook :)
(Pencil on Moleskine Sketchbook 5.5x3.5")
This is Tiffany. She's one of the 9 girls in SNSD or Girls Generation, a very popular Kpop group in South Korea. It's a compilation of shots taken of her(probably by some paparazzi) while she's in the airport travelling. She's known for her usual sweet smile, but I thought sometimes a person's most natural expressions can tell a lot of stories. I might do another one with her signature smile, someday :) But for now, if you want to know how she looks like when she smiles for the camera, just Google Tiffany SNSD images, you'll have an entire array of pictures with her smiling ^^

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Sunday, February 17, 2013


It's the 7th day of Chinese New Year(Lunar New Year) and I haven't drawn anything that has anything to do with snake....yet(it's the year of the Snake).
Anyway, I had asked my friend's permission to draw her little daughter a while ago, and she said okay. So I did! :)
(Pencil on Moleskine Sketchbook 5.5x3.5")
Her name is Yuna, and she's half Japanese half Chinese. She looks super adorable in pictures(her eyes are so big and pretty!), and I like drawing adorables ^^ I hope her mom approves of this one.

Sorry again for not been able to post things online. It's not that I haven't been drawing, I actually have been doing a lot of drawing on DrawSomething, and doodling on my work log :). Work's been crazy, and too much video gaming. A lot of be planned for this year including moving wife and Meela to Houston, travelling to Malaysia, and house-hunting in Houston.

Thanks you all for reading and for your comments.