Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies

I have to admit, I love video games. I wish I have more times playing them, but they do occupy a lot of time, almost like watching movies and very often requires a lot more concentration and good hand-eye co-ordination.
I was at first a little skeptical about this Plants Vs. Zombies game(available in all game consoles, computers, and smartphones) that it's just a simple game with simple designs, simple musics, simple structures, simple objectives, and simple graphics, made by perhaps people with simple minds. And boy was I so wrong =) It is the simplicity of the game that helped me to remember why I like video games in the first place, to have fun and forget about stress in life for just a moment of course.
I've probably spent more than 50 hours playing this game since I got it, defending my home against brain craving zombies using my plants, and I can't remember not laughing or giggling everytime I play it. It's the same feeling I get when I watch cartoons(and yes I love cartoons too, and I think the cartoonists are the most creative people in the world because they make people laugh).
So all I am saying is that, people behind Plants Vs. Zombies are not simple minded at all, but really creative and fun people. Perhaps that's why Electronic Arts (or EA, video game giant company) plans to acquire Popcap(the company behind Plants Vs. Zombies, and games like Bejewelled) for the rumored amount of USD1.3 billion, pretty impressive right?
5x8" Large Moleskine sketchbook
Thank you all so much for your comments. I felt sorry for my Moleskine sketchbook as I've neglected it for a while now(again). It's hard to be consistent nowadays with the 12-hour shift job, and the packing to move by the end of the month. Yes we're moving AGAIN =) but hopefully for the last time in at least 2-3 years. Appreciate all the wishes, and I shall be posting again when I have the time to do so right after settling down.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Final : Family

Being absent for such a long period of time again, and finally having my real 7-days off from work(and needing to pack to move to another apartment by the end of the month), suddenly I got the call from the publisher to finish all artwork of the ones I drew earlier on Concept Lines, Concept : Family, and Concept : Cover art posts. Not to mention I got another call from work to ask if I could work on Monday and Tuesday which would ruin my plans days off, so I kindly rejected.

I had to re-draw all of those that I've sketched in concept form, and onto bigger scale, but with a little less details, no colors :( and due to time constraint I had decided to go a little towards Manga style, and it's funny how I usually draw people in cartoon style when I draw without reference anyway.


Actual hours  on art : Approx. 12-13 hours.
Day and time started : July 9th, 10am
Day and time finished : July 10th, 9pm
Other activities within the period: Eat, naps, playing Call of Duty Black Ops and Plant vs. Zombies, Korean movies on Netflix, shower, sleep etc.

Thank you all for reading and appreciate all the comments =)